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The Research and Results Shaping HRO

Books, Articles, Case Studies, from academic and practitioner experts.


Managing the Unexpected

Authors: Karl E. Weick and Kathleen M. Suttcliffe

The Third Edition moves HRO out of the research lab and into everyday organizations.

Organizing for Reliability

Editors: Rangaraj Ramanujam and Karlene H. Roberts

A collection of academic and practitioner articles (different author in each chapter) examining the leading edge of HRO know-how

Review by K. Weick >>

The Social Psychology of Organizing

Author: Karl E. Weick

Understanding how inter-dependencies drive us to organize collective efforts and how organizations structure themselves to succeed. This is where much of HRO started.

Academic Research

Aircraft Carrier Operations At Sea: The Challenges of High Reliability Performance.Orig

Authors: Todd R. La Porte, Karlene Roberts, Gene I. Rochlin (1988)

Original report on very early HRO research.

Creating High Reliability Organization Using Mindfulness

Authors: Douglas Hales and Satya S. Chakravorty (2016)

Addresses the role of “Mindfulness” in HRO operations using Soft Systems Methodology

Thesis: Two Cases in High Reliability Organizing

Author: G.G.P. van den Eede (2009)

Addressing the HRO paradox “…find the balance between the desire to be open and the need to be in control, to exhibit a reliability that consists out of stability and flexibility.”

Highly Reliable Organizations in the Onshore Natural Gas Sector

Authors:Elizabeth Paranhos, Tracy G. Kozak and William Boyd (2017)

Practitioner research on the impact of HRO in the Natural Gas sector.

High-Reliability Organizations: Changing the Culture of Care in Two Medical Units

Author: Daved van Stralen, M.D. (2008)

Analysis of the impact of HRO in practice in two health care settings.